Productive Projects and Climate Change

Climate change has placed the agricultural sector at a critical time for humanity, facing challenges and challenges in terms of engineering, social work communities, environmental and economics. The increase in temperatures, precipitation variation, as well as the frequency and intensity of climate phenomena added to climate change create pressure on agricultural systems.

BP-FORESTS-CANADA continues to develop impact methodologies to mitigate the negative consequences for crop production systems.  One of the specific challenges of our company is the integration of rural processes into climate change mechanisms, which linked to national and international markets to articulate routes in rural economic development.

We have developed projects in different areas of Colombia: Meta, Magdalena Medio, Norte de Santander, Huila, Santander, Cundinamarca,

We link rural-environmental engineering to the service of communities for the integral development of the field.

BP-FORESTS CANADA, quantifies the different sources of direct GHG emissions from agriculture. (For example: emissions of soil nitrogen dioxide, fertilizers, manure and herbivore urine, and ruminant and rice methane) for carbon markets.  The rural economy needs to link climate methodologies to the service of the economic development of Colombia's producing peoples.

BP-FORESTS CANADA, is safe, that we cannot continue to sow in our Colombian fields without a profitable economic model.

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