International White Heroes Project

Our tribute is to all health workers: nurses, technical staff, paramedics, pharmacists, doctors, female and male drivers, cleaning staff, administrative staff and many others, who work day and night for our safety in the world.

Today, our gratitude to all of you is deeper than ever, you who work, 24 hours a day, taking risks to combat the ravages of this pandemic.

Our world-leading program is linking every hero in the world to a tree within a strategic conservation and preservation forest in Latin America (Colombia), Mexico and Canada.

Each tree will have a unique identifier, which will allow our white heroes in the world, monitor their care, know the rural economic dynamics generated from the program, obtain program-generated impact indicators aligned to the SDGs, quantify CO2 emissions removed from the atmosphere and climate change mitigation paths.

Our program is one more gesture of our heroes for the balance of our planet, bringing their unique strength for the conservation of humanity.

Thank you Heroes of White.

Project Heroes of White Summary