At BP-FORESTS Canada, we are resolutely committed to a sustainable development approach, for us, as corporate citizens and on behalf of our customers.

Every stage of our projects has an environmental component, either to control the environmental and social impact of a project or to design an environmental protection system, our multidisciplinary engineering offers an integrated range of services.



Green Business and Technology

The development of ecological innovations can thus appear as a solution and the reflection of the desire to define new economic, social and ecological rules, allowing better well-being.

Green Technology Strategic Diagnostics

-Needs analysis
-Legal, social, environmental and profitability study
-Preparing offers
-Global search for technology

Business Management and Distribution

-List of opportunities
-Shareholder search
-Legal organization
-Customer management and technology

Innovation and Design

We establish strategic alliances for product development and profitable green projects with global benefits.


(Climate Change Research Center). Integrative center of public-private synergies, local and regional research from a research center, generator of tailored solutions.



Projects linked to REDD climate change, agroforestry, energy, CSR

Our projects integrate the community, companies, universities, states and governments, forests, biodiversity within a single objective: sustainability from the perspective of profitability, benefits and durability with equity.

Pre-consultation and sustainable investment

Initial diagnosis of project prefility, social, environmental, political analysis, security, risks, investment, economic, investment feasibility report, trends and forecasts.

Project Management and Management

-Modeling project
-Fund management

Sustainable Rural Intervention Model

-Social component
-Organizational component
-Technical-agricultural component
-Carbon component
-Commercial component
-Training, internationalization and marketing component

BP Program. FORESTS and Territories

Sustainability program aimed at municipalities, governorates aligned to development plans, Compes, SDGs, TEP and other national and international guidelines.



Forestry, Agroforestry, Energy, CSR, Strategic Investment and Circular Economy Projects

Development of intelligent systems with state-of-the-art technology. Our applications generate reliable data from forest, environmental and biodiversity resources for implementation in national forest policy compliance, planning and sustainable development.

Land Management and Data

Data collection, geo-referencing and polygons, characterization of trees, flyover of polygons with drones and airplanes.

Management and Technology

Implementation of new technologies in GIS, ARGIS, and other applications for information management, digital image processing protocol, forest cover monitoring, time-to-time image logging (historical availability), high temporal and spatial resolution, easy access to data.

Follow-up and Reports

Tabulated tree-to-tree information, large expanses, basins, corporate management indicators, methods, social, economic and environmental variables.

Project Management and BIOPLANET

International platform to monitor and enhance projects linked to the SDGs. Sustainable development, strategic investments, social programs, emissions calculation etc.



Integration of industry into the Carbon Market

The strategic management of impact of environmental standards, allow to identify and assess the degree of compliance with environmental regulations, significant environmental impacts, such as resource consumption, waste generation, energy efficiency, training needs and environmental communication of the company; at the same time, compliance as a strategic basis to improve your operation, economy, profitability and sustainability.

Strategic Diagnosis

Establish strategies to prevent risks, evaluate audit systems. Master both national and international certifications.

Management and Procedures

Environmental authorities, to deduction of income, exclusion of VAT, exemption from import tariff and accelerated depreciation by projects of unconventional sources of renewable energy.

Training and Implementation

Environmental regulations, training, inspections, objectives, risk management.

Application of the Standard

Profitability, benefits and opportunities, national and international tax incentives, VAT exclusion and income (environmental projects, infrastructure, technology, carbon markets).